In my attempt to create a link to my own Jamaican - American - British diaspora I find this film as a gateway to fill in the gaps of what was long underseen.

GOD'S WORK is an interstellar short film that pirates the internet - tethering directly to the notion that matter is always in a state of flux as an effort to remake itself. In a state of metamorphosis, we find a resurgence of pain, drama, joy, violence all in the movement. The film is a recontextualization of the way we see work and the way we feel when the body quantum leaps into a collapsed waveform.

Bruk up style migrated from Jamaica by way of George Adams and his DNA has infiltrated the NY street dance scene in the early 90's. It has birthed 30 years of form and movement across the unfathomable landscape of blackness.

It's hard to tell where the division ends between the fixated eyes and the pulsating satire of George‘s ability to own all your emotions at once. In the starkness of a gathering, he becomes the light, illuminating across the terrain of black bodies uplifting the black gaze in which he stands upon this black night.

Screening on request.

Directed and Edited by Kordae Jatafa Henry
Original  performance by George Adams
Original score written and performed by Matthew Jamal
Mixed and Mastered by Rafferty Swink
VFX by Kordae Jatafa Henry