2021 Directors’ Library
2020 Boilerroom 4:3
2019 Funambulist 
2019 NATAAL 
2019 Design Indaba Global Graduates
2019 Nowness

2024 Crenshaw Dairy Mart Festival
2023  Venice Biennal
2023 MAK Vienna E
2022 Basquiat King Pleasure
2022 Samuel Dorsky Museum
2022 Dumbo Film Festival
2021 ACUD Macht Neu in Berlin
2021 Vienna Film Festival
2021 Spazio Maiocchi
2021 Glasgow Film Festival
2020 Mamie & Weaver’s Ultra
2020 MU Worlding Worlds Exhibition
2019 Afrika Museum Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen
2019 Australian Centre for Moving Image ACMI 
2019 Strelka Institute of Architecture, Media and Design 

2019 NeueHouse Gallery space NY Fashion Week

2019 Africa in Motion Film Festival

Awards + Honors

2021 ADC Award Shortlist

2020 ONX Fellowship

2020 Sundance New Frontier Story Lab Fellow

2020 Shots Nominee ‘New Director of the Year’

As a filmmaker and visual artist, Kordae’s (also known as Tafa) practices ruminates in the invisible, lost, invented, forgotten, coded, and bounded layers of who we are into new worlds. His most recent work explores the ontological themes of raw materials, mysticism, landscapes, movement performance, race, gender and emergent technologies through the power of ceremony and ritual. As a non-binary approach, Kordae’s work reconstructs past, present, and future narratives driven by pop-culture, and Black speculative fiction.

Where flesh meets animation, performance meets the virtual, Kordae’s work instills a techno-ontological study of Blackness in the 21st century. This re-imagining of cinema is an emergence of a new ideology for storytelling that refuses to sit still. His CGI works evoke an embodied viscerality that Pixar has yet to exhibit into motion pictures. Stemming from his own Jamaican-British roots he finds himself returning to artforms such as movement, mythology, and folklore but in the digital, that utilizes intonation and music to deliver rhythmic accentuation and dramatic stylization of worlds that feel.

Through live-action music films, installations, dance, anthropomorphization, game engine environments, and mythology, Kordae’s work invites new ways of seeing humans, folklore, mysticism, pop-culture, post-genre music, labor, and creation stories as tools to explore the radical imagination. Currently, Kordae is directing music films, teaching at SCI-Arc and a fellow at NEW INC/ONX. Within his fellowship he is working on a coming of age intersteller short film entitled IF NOT NOW about how a civilizations began.