2020 Sundance New Frontier Program
2020 ONX Studio

Our narrative takes place in a near future Black mythology, where rare earth minerals are no longer sold to countries such as China and the US. Instead, in the year 2050 they are ritualized and harnessed from stardust. Through a live dance performance we witness Nommo, an engineer conducting a ceremony that awakens the God of technology. The transmedia performance  will consist of real-time motion capture data that will stream on a multi-screen topology, while a real-time generated virtual scenery will establish God as a digital being. 

The divide between the digital and the physical is shrinking steadily and I ask you; how do we begin to decolonize this trajectory of fiction to include worlds built through a Black body?  ‘Earthworks’ reaches back to tradition and rituals to re-imagine new uses for realtime media, and motion capture performance  for an immersive experience.

In progress

Directed and Edited by Kordae Jatafa Henry
Creative Direction by Jeremy Hartley
Rigging by Hannah Haengler
VFX by Kordae Jatafa Henry